Today recess something bad happened.

Today recess something bad happened. I was refilling my bottle at my favourite water cooler in the canteen as usual. I finished and a stepped back, accidentally stepped on someone’s foot (I think it’s his foot), he tripped, and the plate of drumstick and bread he’s holding fell. 🙁 I said “Sorry….Why you standing behind me?” He replied, “I want a drink waht.” At first I thought it was just another Victorian I didn’t noe, but at second glance, I realised it was Zhongmin, my junior :-|. He walked off, seemed pissed off. After a moment, I caught up with him and said sorry a few times. I asked him, “You need me to pay you (to compensate)?” He say, “No need.” Then, he walked off, seemingly pissed.

I feel very bad, I walked around and sat down beside Desmond. Then I stared into space. I told Desmond what happened. Actually I wanted to eat, but now I’ve no mood to eat anymore. Desmond said, “Do what you should do, and you’ll feel better.” In the end, I bought Fan Choy and ate beside Richie. Was thinking about it as I ate, and told Richie about it too. Ironically, Zhongmin actually came to sit in front of us. After a few moments, he went off to sit with his Table Tennis mates….seemingly pissed off.

Feeling bad, I thought I should compensate him. I digged my wallet…..a $2 note. Then I decided to treat him a drink. After I ate, I walked to him and asked him whether he wanted a drink. He said, “Ni Ching Wo Ah? (You treating me ah?)” I answered and he requested for a mix drink. I bought for him (cost 50cents) and after that, I felt much better. 😀

Thank God. I always said christians have a >

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