This morning, Mr Tan Yee

This morning, Mr Tan Yee Kan talked about the O Level registrations. Then we went to health check. We weren’t really organised, so we didn’t give Mr. Maran/Chia “a reason to praise us”. Mr. Chia walked by and asked who’s the monitor. He was surprised it was Santosh, (and Santosh related by “Oh !@#$, can’t you all be more orderly and I can do some academic work?”) and scolded a bit. He organised us and asked Santosh “Can I excuse myself now?” Haha. So the nurse was surprised that I wore specs. My right eye without specs is still 6/6 (hehe not bad eh?) while my defective left eye is 6/9 (last year was 6/12). This year, we measured our blood pressure and mine was 124/74…the nurse said it was okay. That nurse talked a lot….he told Santosh “You see girls, then your blood pressure higher lah. You in exam, also higher because nervous…”. Then she asked Edgar “Later Total Defence what time? For what? Singaporeans so many ks, where got love to country? Kiasee, Kiasu, Kia this and that…” Haha talk so much, do your job lah!

After recess, we commerated Total Defence Day in the Hall. There was Prof Bilveer Singh, a father of one of our Sec 4J guy I think. He’s lecturer in NUS in Political Science or something. The talk was about Singapore’s security challenges – International (Terrorism, War), Regional (JI, Islam, neighbours’ disputes) and National (within our community, harmony). Also talked about some jokes about how our country’s name came about. Then he told us about what other countries view Singapore as – Little dot, police state, etc. About how we should face this challenges, with other things surrounding us. That’s why we need total defence, with all 5 aspects so that we can face these challenges.

During the event, the audience, especially Sec 1s very un-Victorian. They clapped when there wasn’t a need to, whistled and shouted as if it’s a concert. Very bad. Mr. Maran/Chia wasn’t really happy and shouted at us at the end. As I said, the Sec 1s didn’t have their camp….so….sigh

Next week’s CA and I’m slacking here. No mood to study. Should I go for the New Paper’s Beyond O Level Seminar tomorrow? Alvin’s not free, working, so boring to go myself. So I should go to school for the meeting with Ivan and Vipul and Hozefa? Afternoon, studying Physics and dozed off :p Just now had a long talk with Mr. You about strategic planning for O Levels L1R5…hmm…

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