This morning, decided to go

This morning, decided to go to school for the IT Club meeting after all, since Alvin isn’t going, so I go alone a bit extra (also since it’s for O Level Leavers, not me :p). After long meeting, Mr. You also there, then Santosh asked me and Victor whether we want to be in the Emergency Exercise…hehe….fine anytime, so we are called “Friends”, in that during the exercise, we are supposed to console those victims or something like that…hehe interesting…it’d be in next month, it’d be fun then, since I’m part of it. Mr. Chia wrote our names down and went off.

Santosh saw my Victoriana Adidas T-shirt and was exclaiming, “Wah lau! Adidas T-shirt ah? So good….how much?” Free, I said :D. All complements of Mr. Khoo :p. Still can’t really figure out whether the colour is blue/navy/blue-black/purple/purple-black/black! Santosh wore his Red Cross T-shirt, and he said he amended the school crest to have the Red Cross logo….interesting…was thinking of it the other day whether he knows what the Cross really represents….would be interesting.

After that, went home and eagerly went into the Hougang MRT Civil Defence Shelter Open House. Took out my Ixus and snapped many shots, willl post up next time. Quite nice station, with interesting hand prints on the wall. It’s quite long, from one side of the train stretching to the other, with the Bus Interchange at one end and Hougang Mall at the other. Saw the CD facilities such as the decontamination chamber, blast-proof doors, dry toilets, flexible air tube, and other signboards and stuff. They had a train parked there, which was great and we could see the interiors and explore. Not much difference from the new current ones, just that it’s driverless, so can see the front/back, and the seats are larger, more colourful and more comfortable. Not much crowd except for schoolchildren on excursion.

Sigh, have to study….tried to study geography but dozed off a little while too….Okay, went to Alvin’s house for Chap Goh Meh dinner…and the 4th yu sheng I have this year and the last of course. Took some nice pictures of moon and night too, with long shutter speeds, very nice.

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