So today is first day

So today is first day of CA…Physics die liao, although it was supposed to be easy, I did the arrangement of the resistors wrongly, hence I think about 4 marks gone since the questions are related. And it seems that I intepreted the aluminium foil question wrongly…hmmm…English was not too bad, although it’s only an hour instead of the usual 1.5 hours, but still able to finish. They are training us for the O Levels it seems, so that we have a sense of security as we have more time…

Tomorrow is Geography and A Maths sigh….been thinking that we are studying all these things without much use, wonder what’s the need for it. Then Matt and Zhan are debating in the school forums about the Total Defence Day speech, about threats on Singapore, police state, war etc. Zhan said that it’s more of Singaporeans being stagnant…hmmm…actually I’m quite happy with Singapore, and I’ve not much complains in the systems, and all those war threats are because the WORLD IS IN A MESS! Attack here and there…sigh…God can You please help us out of this miserable world?

I was searching the Net just now and found a site full of criticisms of Pentecostal churches….some weren’t really true, but why criticise one another when we should be united? It’s quite confusing for me too…even the Church is in a mess at times, and what the world it’s becoming to…

I managed to connect my iPAQ to my Denon Amplifier, and the subwoofer went boom boom boom!

[ Sunday, February 16, 2003 ]

lolz…saw this on a chio sports-like car on my way home from church

sigh CA tmlo and still got a lot of things to study for Biology, Physics, Geog etc….this CA is the most slack I think (I’ve said this for the past few CAs…)…seems that I’m getting more slack…

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