Last few days wasn’t online….Tuesday

Last few days wasn’t online….Tuesday was studying for Chinese, and yesterday studying for Biology and Chemistry. Chinese and compre very easy, and if lucky, can get A1 for the paper. Biology is quite okay, Chemistry is chicken. Geography was okay too, at least I managed to write a lot, and A Maths was quite easy.

The education system really sucks.
Face it, as Mr. Wong said, we study whatever for these 2 reasons:
1. For General Knowledge
2. Because the Exams will come out.

More importantly, it’s on the second one. Do we really need so much “General Knowledge”? Trust me, 75% or more of what we are studying now aren’t needed in our future life and career, and we will also forget these 75% or more of these information we study after our exams. So we study for what? Exams. And this is the mentality it has been all the way back in Primary School. As Mr. Ho said, this is inevitable…that’s how the Education System works and it sucks.

And results of exams is how schools are ranked. How good you are is determined by results. Nothing else because no one invented a measure system to measure the “else”, i.e. the other aspects of our life. Hence, we are in this mentality that we work work for results. This is proclaimed in the movie “I Not Stupid”, where Jack Neo clearly shows what parents and students of the current Singapore society think, e.g. the famous for ITE: It’s the End….is it really the End? But that’s how we think.

We think too straight. Our path is always PSLE > O Levels > A Levels > Degree. Is that all? NO other *better or alternative* route? Life is boring!

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  1. actually, i totally agree with u, i’m like, going 2 sit 4 my psle now & i always get u grade 4 maths. i just got 17/100 for my prelim 2! anyway, i needed 3 more marks 4 psle lor! i hope i at least get 25 k! wish me luck k! gotta study…yea maths!

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