So today was the last

So today was the last CA paper….yeah! E Maths was not too bad.

I was made known my Chinese marks…69…wah 1 more mark for A2!!! argh…seems that I didn’t really score well for the paper although the compre was easy. sigh, chinese sucks. Also saw the Chemistry Answers from Bingwen, guess I’ll get 20-25.

Today after school went to NYP with Alvin. We toured the School of IT, School of Design and School of Engineering. The Engineering students actually do some .NET stuff and create mobile applications for Pocket PCs…how come engineering also have these? I thought it’s more on IT :O…they created some funny soccer game, under the Embedded Applications Elective of the Diploma in Elections, Communications Engineering or something like that. The IT courses quite interesting, also have something on mobile devices and handphones. Design is what my brother takes, so nothing much new. The rooms are very densely packed, very thick urban jungle with rooms/labs all around you and no windows to look out into the open. A bit threatening and “scary”. But I guess poly life would be great, at least different from Secondary School and JC where it’s everything study study study….sigh It’s more of the practical side and hence more interesting, and I can develop my talents. It’s not about everything results…results. It’s more exciting and interesting, especially to study what you like. And who says you must go to JC to achieve? Who says you can’t go further education? You can! Hope God can lead me into my choice when the time comes.

Lolz, I saw Mr. Jonathan Oh touring the “Hall of Innovation” at the School of Engineering. Probably part of his Innovation Science thingy which Terence Lim is in….hmmm I waved at him and we were both surprised to see each other. Didn’t talk due to a glass panel between us. Also, I think I saw someone familiar….hmmm…maybe it isn’t Jeremiah’s friend, just familiar. Oh ya, also saw Cassandra from CBPS with her friends on my way to NYP….hmm just said hi.

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