Today supposed to have GTC

Today supposed to have GTC Annual Conference, but I’m here now because got some work to do and missed the computer 😀
Off to dinner now.

[ Saturday, February 22, 2003 ]

Today is the big day I’ve been waiting for….I’m playing the piano for YM Encounter! This is the second time, but the first official one with worship. The last time was only praise at the YM Camp, and it wasn’t that good, many mistakes I’ve made. I was very nervous, hope that I will not play wrongly, but I have no idea what to play for free worship. However, overall, this time was better. We met at 12 noon, and Joshua was the worship leader, with Jonnie and Marcus backup singers. Keith on drums, Wendy on bass, and Poline on electric guitar. Joshua couldn’t play his guitar due to lack of cables. What a waste, he’s a great guitarist and singer, much like Marty Sampson 😉

We played To Honour You, By Your Side (The “official” YM Camp song we say many times), Now That You’re Near (Joshua’s favourite I guess), Open The Eyes of My Heart, I Want to Know You More, Sing of Your Great Love, Making a Difference (didn’t know City Harvest Church produced this song in a CD, but funny, in Kazaa it displayed both Hillsongs and CHC), and Lord Reign in Me. The songs were great, especially played together in a band. Keith’s drums was extremely loud behind me, and the music was all together great and amazing. I was playing pretty okay, enjoying it very much. However, when Joshua asked me to intro Making a Difference, I did not know how to because I was still new and quite amateur. Then he decided not to stress me, just go straight into the song. Then Wendy tried to teach me a bit of how to play worship, but I was still at loss of what to play, because I only know how to play chords, and don’t know how to fill-in the chords.

During the actual worship, it was great to see the whole YM in front of you singing praises to the Lord as one voice like a huge choir. During free worship, when Pastor Eddy was talking, it was silence for a while. Then I know I had to play something, but what? Wendy and Keith hinted me to play something. So I tried to play something. Then I decided to play the melody of Making A Difference as Wendy said I could. And so I played with the chorus repeating and then the verse and vice versa. Made a few mistakes here and there because I wasn’t very familiar with the tune of the song 😉 However, when I was playing, the youth were singing along, which was great, and the voices sound very good, like a choir, just like Blessed’s All the Heavens reprise.

And so I played, after some time, got a bit boring so I changed song and played Sing of Your Great Love in the same way. Finally it ended. Phew! And we played Lord Reign In Me. Joshua said Pastor Eddy requested to end with a fast song, which I think is good and great. So much for that.

After Encounter, Weiyi gave me support and said it was good, much better than the last time. I was relieved. Louis, Jeremiah also said it was good. Then Jolynn said, “Call me next time when you’re free, we need to practise to be better! I forgot you were playing today, if not I’d come and guide you…” Joshua said…need more experience, he was there before 😉

Well, another time then, which will be in April.

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