that night I dreamt of

that night I dreamt of during CIP with my Primary School friends…lolz, with JunGang, HuiZi etc. hahaha am I crazy or what? Fancy during Flag Day with Primary School friends…There’s another time when I dreamt about moving house to Ang Mo Kio, a small 4-room flat just beside the MRT…yucks so small!

Today there was a musical by etc (Educational Theatre Consultants) called “Give me a break!”. At first they had background music, in which Shawn and Joel idenitified as a Chris†ian song called “Jesus Shine”, which I’ve never heard before. Amen, anyway! Then the musical talked about challenges we face in life, how a young girl got into a gang called “The Devil’s Angels” (hmmm…) and how it led her astray and how it somehow got her back in the Game of Life…it’s about making the right choices for the right path, because the Game of Life is about winning of losing, and WE are in control of it.

Terence and Derick very childish, kept hitting each other and such, disturbing each other, trying to “jack” etc….will they ever grow? Mr. You said one Jeremy Ho was very good, went to Mr. Tan Yee Kan and even asked him for permission to use D Lab!

Now, should I sell off my iPAQ now and get a e740? or wait for a supposedly newer brighter screen e750? Or don’t change? Or get LOOX? or get 928? aiyo

Also, I can’t seem to squeeze time for the English portfolio

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