Tomorrow is the start of

Tomorrow is the start of my prelim exams….may God bless it abundantly…

Philippians 4:13 “I can do everything through Him who gives me strength.”
Faith! I can move the mountains, I can do all things through Christ!

Happy Teachers’ Day to all teachers!

Friday’s celebration was very interesting, especially when Mr. Wong sang some Spanish opera extremely well, just like those professionals, and there were many people who gave a standing ovation afterwards.

However, the end was a disappointment as the organisers FORGOT about the Victorian Anthem and the band just left and everyone just left school without anthem and cheer. Somehow the old boys didn’t do anything,…probably because they aren’t used to the new premises.

I gave Mr. Alvin You a picture taken during IT Club Camp 2002 and a bookmark, and Mr. Khoo a picture taken during NDP 2003 and also a bookmark. Mr. Khoo commented the people in the picture look so weird, like criminals (pointing at Eng Joo)…lol. He also said…maybe I cut away my body then it’ll look nicer…haha

Didn’t go back to CBPS or rather DQPS…go back also nobody there lah…sigh…