Friday went Comex met Mr.

Friday went Comex met Mr. Alvin Lim and Mrs Lim (I presume), and they were looking at a Nikon 5700 digicam beside me while I was looking at the Nikon Sq digicam….lol…I didn’t notice until he called me as probably because Chris and I were in sch U…haha

Later saw Mr. Boh walking around too…

Saturday went Comex again with Mr. Khoo, hoping he would buy the 1940 and the XNU i255,…in the end he said he did not need a printer anymore….and he might not need a PDA again too 😐

Tried on both days to get the $1 network card but both times no more already…then actually wanted to go today but my mum was angry about it so….

Today going to 2nd uncle’s at Kallang Bahru for dinner as my cousin just graduated

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