Today just had a confidence

Today just had a confidence boost…Ivan called at about 1 p.m. and surprised me that for the Kranji Secondary School’s National IT Webpage Competition, we are into the Final Judging, which is, urm, tomorrow! And there’s a presentation needed…lol…they claimed that they sent the letter but we did not receive it.

For weeks I thought we won’t be in the Finals as there was no news, but wow, God is great…
And guess what, tomorrow is the 13th…

I’ve just realised that everything is still under God’s control, even though some things seem to be tumbling. Even though I do not have much time for the exams, and it seems that they are gonna be tough (those papers already over ARE though), but I’d have to trust and have faith in God, as again Philippians 4:13 says “I can do everything through Him who gives me strength.”

Now everything seems into place.

Just yesterday night, I was reading the book Jeremiah gave me about “Surprised by the Voice of God”, and just as apparently, the author was using an analogy about having a good diet and exercise, just as for reading the Bible, having a good dosage of it and practicing it often. Just what I needed and prayed for…guidance in my physical being and spirituality.

Even the verse in Philippians is verse number 13. And my O Level index number is 0138. What’s next?

Glory to God!

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