I’m made famous …….

well today morning assembly, mrs chan talked about college day and about how it went, and the people she would like to thank:

I specifically would like to thank a few people.
Firstly, the VIP Launch Video…you know there’s so much talking about the new facilities and so on after the VIP open house, and thus we decided to launch it officially during college day, which is 2 weeks after that. Then, Mr. Dominic Chua is over worked, so I handed it over to Mr. Gi. Then Mr. Gi found an iCOMP student to do it, who produced an impressive work which you saw on that day.

*oh no, is she going to mention my name?!*

The student is Colin from 04S64. Do you mind standing up?

*I stood up and sat down quickly after a few seconds*

*the rest of the school claps* !redface

I think VJC students very talented and very funky. You know, he manage to catch the phrase “A twinkle in the I” and managed to create a video with it, in such a short time. And he commented about spending 60 hours to do a 60-second video…

*since when I commented about that!?!? 😮
I only said I took long to make a 1:09 min video
in fact, I took about 5 hours*

but it is worth it as there as a sense of achievement.”

Well that’s somewhat what happened.

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