skype – internet telephony

forgot to put this in yesterday…

I was chatting with from Holland, who’s a photographer I got to know from jon chua. then he asked me to try skype, the voice over internet program which allows one to make calls over the internet.

It’s quite user friendly, works like an I.M., just call, there’s ringing tone, the other side answer, and talk like you’re on the phone! On the tablet pc also quite easy, just talk to the screen as the mic is at the bottom of the screen. I can hear the dutch guy quite clearly (albeit his english is kinda er slang), and we chat! I can even play music on my tablet and the other party can hear. He also played music and I heard.

There’s even a version of the program for pocket pc…so instead of using msn stupid audio feature, this skype makes internet telephony more user friendly and accessible and best of all it’s free. The only catch is that the other party has to use the same software.

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