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i seem to be busier than ever, so busy that I didn’t blog as much as compared to exam period! i’m more stressed than exam period definitely, and the feeling is just different. haiz sigh but somehow this stress is more related to more fun stuff =p

sunday night was spent rushing pw report, managed to print and bind nicely by 9.30am did some other eval and some other stuff (not really sure what) and before I knew it, it was 2.30am. ack! late! very late. couldn’t wake up this morning.

today was feeling grouchy and the whole day seems like a wasted day. went to school and only got back ONE physics paper and I failed it. yay! but I got an E for overall, luckily. God is good. and anyway I remained a D for my maths. waste my time to go to school and didn’t get back any paper, felt cheated. i need to rush my computing promo! And then suddenly there’s just so much chinese stuff to do. and with icomp and pw and other stuff cropping up, it seems that probably exam period was freer eh? different kind of stress I guess. clever kx spent the day doing 20av instead, almost like how he was studyin before the promos. I’m so touched. !wink

was going home after tidying up a bit of L26. mrs chan coming tmr to view the 20av. passing by the concourse’s piano on the new mini-stage when I decided to stop and play a tune. started playing “take all of me”. wx was nearby doing his work on his laptop. then after a while, david came along and said he was wondering who else would be playing “take all of me”. and so he joined me and I decided to play longer. we played and played many songs, just kept on going, from that to a string of 1-5-6-4 songs such as “Jesus Lover of My Soul”, “Here I Am To Worship”, “Call”, “Rain Down”, “All I Want Is You”, “Majesty” and then “To the ends of the earth”, “You are my world”, “Highest”. It was fun, a form of de-stress, a form of worship. It lasted for abt 50 minutes. hah. it was nice to have a duet accompaniment, although it was just a simple spontaneous impromptu thing.

mr morgan says he doesn’t wished that his name to be mentioned here. oops I just did. !lol

oh well don’t have time to write what happened the last week…so here are some placeholders.

i found a sls shop that allows credit payment for schools today….lol they even paste invoices of the different schools they dealed with on their walls

open house

hmm VS gave all sec 4 students a waterbottle with *everyone’s* names printed on it as a graduation souvenir

farewell assembly
overfuss of the hall projector

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