weird results

promos is ACDO, overall is ABDE
GP = 58 = B4?

mrs koh said i’m a consistent quiet worker…really? i didn’t really do much for GP except reading the file the day before…maybe consistently reading newspapers helps. But I haven’t read a book/novel for ages. Plus, I didn’t read much of kaleidoscope.

computing was fun and rewarding
economics is quite ok, didn’t expect too much yet I knew it would be my 2nd best for myself
maths is aiya like that means like that.
physics is hopeless, for now.

There was students’ morale survey this morning. It asked about how do we feel studying in VJC, is it conducive etc. Also asked abt the effectiveness of student leaders. One qn was: Does curriculum allows you to study at your own pace? Of course not!

Friday we had the last official assembly of the year. haha. some sc girl started spelling cheer after the anthem. it was quite pathetic, only a few people around her cheered with her. even the yo vjc had low response. probably everyone had no mood.

next week is going to be purrely chinese+pw week.

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