6th work day

talk abt 5 day work week. i just worked 6 full days and working another. sigh today just felt like any other sch day….i came to school as usual and reached home at 7pm.

2 things happened today: The Leadership Training Project Management Workshop and the University Panel Discussion/Talk.

LT Workshop

The LT Workshop was quite fun. Other learning some basic theory stuff, we played a game to prevent an egg from cracking when dropped from 2nd floor to 1st. it was quite interesting. they make it very real-world. you are given $1000 virtual dollars. use the money to buy straws, newspaper, chopsticks, rafia string, masking tape. each item cost a different amt per quantity. cost savings are taken into account as extra points. 2 grps made some parachute-like thing, others have other ideas like wrapping etc.

ours was parachute-kind but it didn’t end in the landing zone. not counted so have to try again. the other parachute team won. we lost cos we decided to take out the parachute in attempt to land on the landing zone properly. thus the egg broke upon landing

I also had some fruitful discussion with 4 other cca heads from some clubs. it was about a media thing in vjc comprising print, online and TV. hmmmm

University Panel Discussion
the attendance for panel discussion was quite poor. lots of empty seats. the talk was pretty boring. waste my time standing there and filming (some teacher requested it to be online by wed) while kx pon-ned the workshop AND the talk (my friend called him the pon-star !lol), to do the 20av. a lot of people were doing their own things. reading books, newspapers, talking, listening to music and even playing chess lol. the Q&A session was exceptionally long.

The SMU person refered to us as VJCians. gr !mad

was quite funny also. the emcee announced that refreshments for everyone then suddenly all the students hyped up. then later she said she announced wrongly. for guests only. then orhhhh. then later she said, oh parents are invited also. haha.

then everyone grumbled to have to bring chairs back.

hmm Mrs Wee said she read my blog. Cos I was saying that our lives are so busy that no time to do a lot of things.

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