20th Anniversary

finally I have time to blog
finally we finished the 20th anniversary video
finally the 20th anniversary gala dinner is over

over the past few weeks, kx (mostly) and me have been busy with the 20th anniversary video.
mr lim and mrs lee say must sleep 6 hours a day, not miss lessons, but still finish the video w/o neglecting pw and chinese.
i say that even w/o the video, we would not even sleep 6 hours per day if want to finish other work. it’s never possible in JC. =p

anyway kx spent a lot of time on the video, much more than me in fact. much more. he skipped lots of stuff, worked on it every weekday especially for the last few weeks. as for me, I probably did the initial work, plus checking on him now and then especially when I was busy with open house, and then I have chinese while he doesn’t. I did some editing as the final deadline drew by. I must thank him for sacrificing so much of his time, despite putting a sub-standard work at first.

the first time mrs lee saw it (before promos), there was many many gaps. but she say at least she got the idea of what’s going on.
the second time mrs lee saw, kx put in a lot of pictures. but it was very rough work and the pictures were sloppily selected. partly due to lack of time/planning/co-ordination. and I was not poking into the project as I was preparing for open house the week after the promos while I left kx to do the 20av.

[when can i have time to continue this entry?]

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