hmmm…sterling…class bbq…etc

well havn’t blogged for some time…been quite busy

yesterday was the last day to finish up the sterling website competition, I was in Veeto6 aka Blue room aka v26 with mx doing some finishing touches when Mr Ng together with 05A53 wanted to crash our room cos he had booked v25 but it was used. and so we were inevitably immersed in an interesting noisy debateful literature tutorial which was quite amazing, we were even got to be part of the class when mr ng asked us to research what’s a trout, cos he wanted to intepreted something from a poem. ha. i think the class must be wondering what mx and I are doing. then there’s this RI guy, top debater, who spoke so fast and so fluently that everyone was smiling at each other…even the teacher could not catch some of the things he said.

Yesterday night had senior-junior class bbq at east coast. too bad we didn’t have a more private environment like some condo. but anyway we had fun playing, cooking, eating and they junked jj like 3-4 times?! haha…we also bonded thru some games like passing bottle around, dog and bone etc. and weeds injured her head due to a mishap caused by jj sticking his butt out and blocking her way while she was running…hmm well this few months had so many BBQs that my mum said that I so ‘on’ ah…haha..this bbq I stayed the latest until the end when we had to clear up. Though there was food scarcity, the most impt thing is we enjoyed ourselves. my junior class is quite ok, the girls and guys seem quite united, separately that is =p

actually I thought the outing would be quite a failure cos I’m afraid very few people come. but in the end it was quite successful after all.

last wednesday went IDA during the 4 computing periods for a mobile club exhibition/presentation. actually it’s quite interesting for us cos we went there to pretend and showcase that we have a mobile club with 1-2 members? and the 2 members produced 2 programs each? and pretend that we have activity going on. the rest of my class computing students who went just go there to give physical support to shafeeq and dian yang. haha…after that we self-proclaimed ourselves to have won the eat-most-award…

during icomp we tried to watch the (v)ip lesson next door at v26 using live video feed via direct cable. it was pretty bad and isn’t as effective as someone standing in front of you conducting the lesson. I must say the ip students are really a privileged lot to have the teacher spend so much effort in preparing the lesson, imagine making a manual with step-by-step instructions of how to operate a video cam with pictures. aiyo…

the other day we crashed their lecture, in which a temasek poly lecturer came to talk about branding. it was pretty standard stuff though.

on last monday, I finally finished setting up v26. it took so long to install the same software and configuration to each of the v26 computers. so time consuming. finally finished after >1 week. aiyo…

and so anyway, finally most of the busy stuff is over for now, and now with the CNY break coming, and with the rest of the week only have physics tutorial, I’m feeling quite relaxed. Now that sterling is also done, I’m feeling aimless and bored…=p