3 consecutive school days of Mass Dance!

The next few days are going to be interesting, considering that today feels like Friday cos it was Friday’s timetable…

anyway there’s going to be 3 school days of mass dance: tmr’s chinese new year, friday’s x country, and monday’s friendship day. heh. I think this is one of the rare times that CNY falls so close to v-day. hmm…good and bad perhaps.

I think that the 05 batch of year ones are deprived of mass dances ‘practices’. Last year, I remembered that by this time, I had quite a few 3rd periods with mass dances. moreover, reading from my blog, there was one double period PE with mass dance due to rain. and also CNY was earlier in Jan hence we had a practice. For now, the current juniors forgot the steps when I last saw them during third period PE.

anyway, huang liang recommended me to a real estate agent to do a website for him…hmm just went his office at HDB Hub today under PropNex…hmm…

ah i actually sent >20 sms today. broke record.
exciting times, exciting week, no work! yay.

hmm i realised that 9 out of 10 smses I sent are for work purposes i.e. cca etc… -__-