while everyone else was going out and doing something with their friends, I went home myself. no lunch, no outing.

Do I not belong to any group? Am I that alone? Am I lonely?


today after CNY celebrations in VJ, we cheered in the hall, then in the canteen, before walking to VS. however, I must say that last year’s cheering was better than this year’s. our juniors had more VS people but less enthu people perhaps. they were 2 dissected groups cheering. not enough coordination. and we didn’t cheer as long/as many.

anyway, after going to VS, this year their celebrations ended early. by the time we reach there they dismissed. the teachers’ room mysteriously had a blackout. anyway as usual the ex students barged in and talked with the teachers. saw mr harzin, mdm ernie etc., can’t find mr khoo’s table, then later realised that he moved down to the HOD room and he left sch already. saw mr you marking books outside the d & t room. havn’t chat with him for some time already. later some of them were singing anthem and cheer outside staff room. then later the juniors dunked mr jonathan oh by carrying him in. they cheered again in the canteen too.

the funny thing came…they purposely took pic with mr chia in front of the pond, in front of the library. then after the pic, they pushed him in! lol! they have guts man! he got wet etc. wallet wet. luckily handphone hanging around his neck. hahas. he climbed up smiling and everyone clapped. I took a short video of it. maanged to think of what they were going to do beforehand.

after that, talked with mr you for a while more before heading aimlessly home, cos class decided not to have lunch cos everyone dispersed and no one asked me out…