Cross Country

Oh today is the cross country day. It was moved forward from wed afternoon to this morning cos mrs chan thought it was hot. well both good and bad. good thing is we have a relaxed 3rd day of new year. bad thing is most of us probably ate too much. lol

anyway, the girls ran fast. twinkle of the eye and they came back. wah I can never run that fast. saw some familiar and unfamiliar faces coming in, along with some teachers and ex-students on the other lane. zq ran pretty fast, and so was yt! renfu and matt were saying that “wah yt, icomp, top 50 leh!” haha.

after that was the guys starting. believe it or not, i somehow or other decided that I shall try running with my digicam in my hand. And so, the camera went the 4.8km with me. I was somewhat abt 3/4 of the crowd when the race started, and gradually deproved. matt renfu and nat were slacking behind. yt shouted “go colin, don’t slack!” while I made the turn from the track to the road.

I was running pretty fine, caught up with some people, but along the east coast stretch near the chalet I gradually slowed down. somehow or rather it became a walk. I’m beginning to feel blisters in my feet due to the shoe. don’t know y this australian shoe so lousy. anyway I was holding my camera and took some video/pix along the way. not many though. was trying to concentrate on my running. I wonder if I broke any record by jogging with a camera in hand and taking pictures. haha joking. some people think I am crazy. yes I am. who in the right frame of mind would do that? I’m the left frame of mind then. Along the way I was trying to conceal the fact that I’m holding a camera. luckily the ixus is small enough to escape the eyes of teachers. haha.

I walked and ran walked and ran for the rest of the journey. my ankle somehow couldn’t take it and it was aching, something which I never felt before. some people overtook me and gradually i was the last lot.

over at the loop, I saw yongsheng. I vaguely remembered him staying at the back of the crowd at the starting line. I wonder why he’s running behind. then I saw something amazing. he was pacing the last guy in his house. as a house capt, he was “playing strategy” and sacrificed his possibly better run to pace the last guy so that the whole house would not be at an disadvantage. he kept cheering the last guy on. I’m not sure if ‘heroic’ is the right word to use. possibly more of a good example of good leadership. i think the guy must be quite stressed by him =p

well anyway managed to reached a position of 632. see told ya that i’m a lousy runner. what do you expect from someone who failed 2.4, pull-up and sbj? But I think I ran worse than when I ran with shawn and joel and calvin during 3rd period last week. the last leg along the road, it’s a pretty amazing sight to see so many people focusing on you and with some cheering you by your name. I saw some of my female classmates cheering, and also swee yee and some others. and derek too, behind the camera. haha…wished I could record that moment. it cannot be duplicated.

after the run, had a rest, drank the free sportsade, then was hearing mass dance of whiney whiney playing in the hall. some of us were like “what? we just finished running and so tired!” nevertheless, there was a good crowd dancing. then it stopped halfway. I figured out it might be a technique to lure people into hall to settle down. however, it continued with a few songs. I didn’t have the strength to join in yet. saw an ex-student dancing with lots of style like some rock star. wah. kewl! after that is the usual prize giving and blah blah. didn’t know that I’ve to put my ticket into the lucky draw box. I wonder how they verify if the lucky draw recipient is the correct person. hah.

after everything, somehow or other, the PA crew decided to play friendship dance. that scared people away and a lot of people left the hall! no one was dancing except for a few couples! wah…they started with the wrong song man! If they started with something else, surely people would have stayed and join in! after some dances (no tribal), I concluded that it was the lowest response ever for mass dance after a major school event. sigh. but there was still a considerable number of VS people, abt 10+, so renfu and us started a cheer near the door. then walked until canteen, cheer many times, as renfu shouted “one more time!” haha. I think the other school people must be irritated at a small bunch of people cheering loudly in the canteen.


after everything, renfu asked me if i’m having lunch. then the year 3s of the prayer group are meeting too. then my class wanted to go for lunch and then after that the guys wanted to play dota. then I wanted to go home and have steamboat lunch with my relatives. and jr said let’s go watch constantine. lol first time got so many lunch plans available to choose from.

so in the end I chose to go home since i felt kinda sweaty and uncomfortable. after that arranged with jr to meet at lido and catch the 2.45pm show. asked them to buy ticks first as they not going home.

si they were playing pool at parkway in the meantime before the movie timing, apparently they were there for too long and i was at lido before they reached and tried to buy tickets first, but it’s too late, sold out, long queue, so i called them to tell them.

then i saw terence, then he and weiliang got nothing to do, so decided to walk ard with him since they have not arrived from parkway yet. but by the time they arrive, i asked them to decide what to do first and then tell me later…so they decided to go to marina and check out if there’s any seats, but by that time i’ve already walked half of orchard and decided not to follow them anymore…

and so i walked ard with terence along orchard, met s17 JTS, quite interesting, nydc but too bad no aircon outside heeren. then went to taka for a check out at terence’s fav transformers collection. then we walked all the way to plaza singapura. on the way we saw mrs chan outside centrepoint. she waved at me and I waved back. haha terence was a bit slow at recognising that she actually walked past us. later, I was deciding what to do since terence wanted to go home. I was thinking of going to sim lim for a walk. I also asked louis what’s he’s doing. Then at P.S. Jere called and asked if I want to watch flight of phoneix. haha actually supposed to watch with louis. okay then! since I’ve nothing to do.

And so, I decided to shopped around ps for sp presents, saw xm and wx and their gf and then walekd back to cineleisure to join my church friends to watch flight of phoneix. it was a pretty nice show, though might be too fake, but it’s quite interesting the plot, and the effects, and I like the cinematography and camera styles. quite cool. something like what I would say of good photography brought to life, with the different camera angles, colours, sunsets, desert, people, sandstorms etc. somehow I’ve been noticing more at such things after the past year in doing video.

well after that we decided to give ourselves a treat at pizza hut.

oh it’s interesting to spot delirious’ world service CDs under , with a ‘chart’ and ‘as heard on radio’ sticker, in HMV at the heeren.