Happy Friendship Day!

“So today is the big day” was how I started my friendship day entry last year. how time flies.

Anyway, as usual, this morning, the canteen was noiser and more atmospheric and more happenning than usual. (lol, how ironic, it’s usual but it’s more than usual…) many people chattering, preparing their gifts, horticulture society setting up their booth etc. vic was busy calling yt cos she’s late and that delays some interesting plans he had for some people.

assembly was quite normal, except that it ended quite anti-climax. after the usual announcements, faizal instead of saying “you may go back for lessons”, he said “hold on” and the friendship dance song started playing. some SCs on stage started dancing. most of the people in the hall were sitting down happily enjoying the “performance”, as if it’s a special live ad for us. lol. no one stood up and danced, even OGLs, even enthu people, even couples were hesitating. lol! faizal had to beg, “hey com’on everyone get on your feet and join the council!” wah lau, like not embarrassing. I think this is the first time in history of vjc that the SC has to beg for people to dance with them, on friendship day somemore. as with cross country, they made the SAME mistake again: starting with the WRONG SONG! If they have started with whiney or something else, the whole hall (or at least those interested, which is the majority of the juniors and most enthu seniors) will start bouncing and dance with the beat. BUT they started with friendship dance! And as friendship dance shall always be friendship dance, everyone is always hesitant to dance it. hais. the same thing happened last friday, everyone chaoz after the friendship dance started playing. same thing for today, everyone chaoz later, and only left a few people dancing friendship dance and there wasn’t even a cheer after that. how sad… hais. If they have started with another song and friendship later, at least more people will dance and will try to find a partner, methinks.

well anyway, after assembly, vic was busy executing his plans for certain people with yt’s help, in a certain class. I was trying to find my angel/mortal. ah, found rachel with her group of st nicks ppl, passed her my gift of something with her name on it, and she said she’d passed me later. I also saw serena and exchanged gifts with her, gave her a laotian pencil box while she gave me one long stick of wonka which I can’t figure out how to go about eating it.

then was econs and GP and I can’t wait for break. argh so boring. during econs I started giving out my gifts for my classmates, each got a namecard-sized photo taken last year, during LJ or chalet, and along with a snickers. I printed these last night until 1+ am. ngee leng said they were so nice! and probably the most unique and meaningful present of all. some of them were amazed at the photos. hahs,…i seem to like the idea of printing such after the orientation ones, simple to do, looks good, and best of all, customized and meaningful.

on the way to canteen for break, saw yuheng and passed him the icomp namecard-sized photo. and also met yt along the way. asked her how’s the progress of the plot/plan lol. and we exchanged presents too. later during break, maybe people distributed their share of chocolates and sweets around class. I also passed my present to zhiqi.

on the way to computing, saw hian chuan and passed him my present. boringzzz…passed to some icomp members in computing. shafeeq gave me a letter in return. i think it’s something he prepared beforehand in case anyone gives him something and he got nothing to give back. hahas. well after math, some of us tried to catch junior class. but too bad, too late they went inside the practical lab liao.

after the 2nd break and physics, we tried to catch them again. this time managed to see them coming out of the practical lab. rachel passed me her present while I passed my present to siew ming, my angel, a photo frame. siew ming passed my present to chenting, our postman, who passed to ngee leng, our postwoman, whom I found before going to canteen. woo…rachel gave me a pencil, some chocs, while siew ming gave me a cute little piggy! woo…hahas.

during 2nd break, I passed my present to kx and 2 photos. he gave me something in return later, something he bought from china and something which he brought extra.
econs lect was an interesting debate about vic’s plan with yt, jr and mf. it was somewhat flawed but nevertheless the thing got through and they found out the mastermind. haha. what an interesting way to joke about two people.

after that, spent the rest of the day in L26 practically doing nothing significant. but I managed to see ivan later and passed him my gift. oh, yt, hoosy, kx were in L26 too. haix…i checked the vicomp site, tried to do some OOP (which I dozed off), while the rest of the time was spent looking at hoosy’s and kx’s orientation video which we took some time analysing and arguing over some things before we went home when victor came along at abt 6+ pm. I passed mr morgan my present before leaving.

so much so for v-day.

looking at my harvest, I have lots and lots of chocs and sweets till the first shelf of my fridge is full. this year had more candies but the gifts from angel/mortal were slightly different. And this year, I decided to be generous and gave out quite a number of things too =p. hee.