Progress Check

Colin has not done physics tutorials since school started. Colin has been lagging in maths. Colin has not done much econs tutorials either. As for computing,…Colin has not found energy and time to do the OOP.

Today, Colin failed all the the 3 stations of the NAPFA mock test (again). Mr. Tan said some things to Colin, something like: It’s your body and your health. If you do not wish to train for your own health, then I can’t do anything for you. Actually, it’s not as if Colin isn’t concerned about his health and fitness. Sometimes, it’s psychological. Sometimes, “the spirit is willing but the body is weak”. Sometimes Colin wants to train, but sometimes Colin feels lazy to, sometimes Colin just feel that he’s so lousy, demoralized about himself that he is so fat and unfit and can’t run and can’t do pull-ups and thus shy to show how lousy he is. However, sometimes Colin feels energized, sometimes sometimes. It’s not as if Colin hasn’t passed NAPFA before. The last time he passed was in Sec 3. Sec 4 failed cos of pull-ups. Actually, Colin thinks that after one year of 3rd periods and such, it’s still the same. What a shame.

These few days, Colin was quite sleepy, so much so that he almost dozed off in class. Sleepiness causes Colin to write weird and ugly handwriting onto his tutorials.

As usual, night flies and Colin hasn’t done any work. He probably has no mood to do so after the long day. The night is usually spent on MSN chatting, surfing internet and perhaps blogging. Com’on, whole day of lessons, who would be energized to do work? Hais. Xianx. Then Colin will try to find some form of relaxtion online, and this will drag late into the night. Then Colin will sleep late and feel sleepy the next day. And the cycle repeats. What a bore, what a chore.

Oh well, the cycle repeats again.

And recently, Colin has the habit to think about what he wants to write in his blog as things happens. Perhaps Colin needs some other forms of alternatives to internet and msn and stuff.

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