“to build a democratic society…”

It’s SC elections again…
If students need to have notebooks right under their nose so that it is convenient for them to vote, perhaps such students don’t have any responsibility at all.
It’s the student’s responsibility to find time to logon and vote at their own time, not the school’s responsibility to provide such convenience for the students.
There’s L28, there’s home computers, and if students are not responsible enough to go and vote, then perhaps voting shouldn’t be implemented at all.

It comes to show that students do not take much priority in such exercises. Judging from the faces of the year 2005 voting, not really a lot of people voted. Excuses include “didn’t bother” “don’t know where to vote” “forgot” etc.

The Government does not come personally to our doorstep to request us to vote for the President, does it?
No, it’s our responsibility to proceed to the relevant voting stations to vote.
Or rather, the Govt needs to threaten to fine us so that we have the responsibility.

Perhaps, it’s a matter of putting a threat to something mankind has created for the well being on society just so that other fellow human beings can adhere to it.

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