Life is not ideal but it does not need to suck

Life is not ideal. who ever said life was fair?

Well anyway, I think we should appreciate the things that we have. we should appreciate that we have schools to study in, buildings with aircon to learn in, and facilities that we can use. should not forget the conditions of education in other countries, which are much worse than us. and since life isn’t ideal, yes, there are still pitfalls and minor disturbances in our high-class education system, but we should still appreciate the good side of things. hence, I think I should rant less and complain less =p. And probably the best thing to do is to make the best out of this un-ideal life, looking forward to things to come, cos we do not belong to this world.

Today, after a certain turnaround, I managed to focus during lectures and learn at least something, if not everything. perhaps this is because I don’t have any other thing to multitask during lecture cos I don’t have any assignment to rush and I guess that’s good. Even though I may not like all the things that I do, since I’m here, might as well finish it well for the rest of the months left in JC.

And today, I went to run 4.8 again. The last time I had a good run was with shawn and joel and calvin. x country one wasn’t that good. I think I missed out the fun of sports since young. probably because I have too little exposure. also, I’m lousy at ball games like tennis, badminton etc. cos I can’t aim properly, I can’t throw or kick properly, and I’m afraid of the ball hitting me at times -__-. Luckily running is just running, no balls involved. At least I feel a renewed sense of relaxing and de-stressing, something which I never felt for some time. and perhaps that’s what I missed out in the importance of exercising. although one might feel tired after the exercise, it does good to our body after all. maybe icomp should have some running session sometime…the first non-sport CCA to run 4.8 as a group? haha. haha. haha. com’on, x country runners have to train 6 times a week……

well last few days been feeling tired, restless and bored. But somehow I was better today. And perhaps sleeping a little tweeny weeny bit early helps too. I think it’s better to have a good mood in the morning cos it would carry on the rest of the day, cos if you did not sleep well, you might not have a good mood in the morning, and you may not recover in the day. and this affects our social development and well being as well as our interactions with others.

The time has come when it’s U I live for everyday, and be a faithful runner.