Faithful Runner

Oh faithful runner
Breathe your second wind
Lean onto the grace of God
And soar into His wings

You faithful runner
Whenever you should fall
Stand again and lift your eyes
And hear the distant call:

“Come on faithful runner
I’m calling out to you
When you are weak, your strength is gone
I will carry you

Go on faithful runner
You’ll never walk alone
So keep the fire of faith in you
Cos I will lead you home.”

– Eric Lee

What’s next?

Yesterday, we screened the orientation video during morning assembly. it started off with the grand icomp intro music, then the dedication words, then when the orientation 2005 title came out, some yeahs can be heard. everyone laughed, remembered, reflected, especially on scenes like molesting ms lara croft and splashing of water during outdoor games. some people might be humiliated though, but it’s not that serious lah. they laughed at “how are the J1s? Sad to say…they ROCK!”…and of course the ever engraved in my mind – the voice of serena saying “we’re from VACUUM” when interviewed from kx and hoosy when they passed by us. that was the final words part, and then the fast-foward reverse of walking in of sch with the school flag waving along with sad music…zq said that the ending v impactful, while serena said that she almost cried, very touching, cos orientation was one of the most memorable moments of her life. heh. and someone said he saw a J1 crying. not sure if it’s true.

there were varied comments about the video. most said it was good and impressive. mr gi smsed me and said: nice show, but it’s quite disruptive to lessons. lol. i wonder in what way, other than reminding everyone of orientation mood and the OGLs doing the OGL cheer after being inspired by the video. cool. kash said she is very impressed with iCOMP. matt said we have successfully imprinted iCOMP’s image into everyone’s mind with the logo at the front and back. hah. And I think about 10 people asked me if they could have a copy -_-

well the credit does not go to me, but to swee yee and kai xin. kudos to them, and especially to swee yee with his wonderful ideas and whose birthday is today. Happy Birthday! Gave him a special dvd with his picture on it. He “bowed down and worshipped” and he will place the dvd on the “altar and put joss sticks on it”. lol.

i think this is the 2nd most successful official main iCOMP production of our batch, after the 20th anniversary video. what’s next?


yesterday during 3rd period, mr tan say I hit jackpot, failed all 3 stations. some more IT Com and he’d ask mr gi to train me and then that’s God bless me already O.o…
Today he said that I do so much IT, I must motivate myself to pass at least 2 stations.