i feel cheated

yesterday, wanted to sell something, advertised on HWZ, person contacted me, agreed to meet at somewhere at a certain time, he didn’t turn up, called him many times, waited for 45 minutes, no one answered the call…


today was a wonderful day…a day which i seemed to have missed out during the march holidays….a day which i could stay at home and laze around and do work at my own pace…a day which i’m finally feeling ‘free’ after soo long…

but what happens when you want to watch a movie but there isn’t anything nice to watch recently? you’d go around watching many trailers and reading many reviews to a point that you can’t decide what to watch, cos there’s nothing really nice to watch, and then you end up wasting time deciding something to watch, and in the end deciding not watching anything at all?


anyway takgiu was featured in The New Paper on saturday’s issue…pretty cool and large…was quite surprised too cos my brother decided not to inform us beforehand…heh.