picnic at the park

today after YM cell, i went to public by the park, an event organised by aljunied GRC, at maple wood park (lorong ah soo), in which vjc set up some funfair games booths. i wonder why/how is vjc related to this GRC since we are so far away in marine parade…

anyway there’s a big tent with people picnicing…got a ticket for free goodie bag from uncle heng as they gave some to church…but was too carried away filming and shooting that i didn’t bother to collect the “picnic basket”.

so i saw the icomp/robotics booth at the end of the row…mini bowl (xiao wan?), bowling with bottles filled with sand and a softball. haha people end up throwing instead of rolling. haha.

later on was the first mass dance, whiney and friendship. i must say atiqah and alvin dance very well, esp the mash potato! haha very energetic and good, the scs were. many people danced on the grass near the funfair booths too, along with the SCs on stage.

at abt 7pm+, PM Lee arrived. SC danced two more songs – neutron and I want you. I think the crowd was quite amazed at our dances, though simple to us, might seem impressive to them. PM walked passed our funfair booths, visited two games stalls, and dropped some money into the buskers’ booth in which the RGS girls who participated in musicfest were dancing. he smiled, waved and went off. i had a hard time filming him, chasing him, cos the crowd was surrounding him like never see him before, asking him to sign autographs, shaking hands, letting him carry children etc. aiyo. i had to walk around the muddy grass around the crowd and try go get a good shot of him. throughout the evening, I was multitasking too, videocamera in one had, and still camera in another, putting my little still camera on top of the huge vid cam to take still pix. haha.

after that, went with zhanhui to eat dinner with mr chew h e since he wanted to check out the eating places around the area. mr chew is zhan’s CT. zhan decided to go to the teochew stall near GTC, a place where I go too often. had a nice chat with mr chew, and a nice dinner =) after that, even though it was nearing 9, I had an urge to go back to the park. lol. took the same bus again for the 3rd time, went there, they were packing up. took some group pix/vid, of icomp and some other groups, thought there were some mass dance/cheer but there weren’t any. soon the CT council bus left, and a few of the CTs and us did a cheer or two, and we dispersed.

what a day!

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