camera chase

after 3 unsuccessful buyers, of which 2 suddenly backed out without allowing me to contact them and wasted my time, and the 3rd one decided to lower his price last minute when I reached the place, i found a potential buyer for my pentax.

but i’m amused at myself! instead of asking him to take bus 854 from yishun to hougang, i somehow typed wrongly and asked him to take bus 852. he ended up smsing me at the time and telling me he’s at bukit timah. i was shocked! I immediately realised my mistake and called him and asked him to cross the road and take 2 buses back (it’s faster). I apologised but he seem very nice.

Later, 1 hour after the original meeting time, met him and made the deal. he happily accepted it without checking what’s in the box, trusting that I have put everything inside (this is quite unusual…first time see such a buyer), and paid me. and he wasn’t at all angry, just said that I made him on wild goose chase =p thank God for such a nice person whom I finally can sell my pentax to…

well the pentax was really an impulse buy, too cheap to resist >

update: SMS

“yo kelvin. this is ravi. ur cam was worth the running about. it is very good. thk u”