parousia rox

aiy havn’t posted for a week, wonder what’s keeping me from posting as regularly as i did…

yesterday nite went to parousia’s album launch gig @ the third place…a nice little cafe-church, small but with a superb loud sound system that deaf-ed my right ear…lol. start at 8pm and there were 3 other guest bands performing…aiyo waste my time sia, cos parousia only came at 10pm. I should have just came later and not rushed here so fast! cos the 3 bands were really er cmi though I must admit they are good to a certain extent but they don’t suite my taste…2 of them are very heavy-metal punk rock kind, at least skive was more decent.

i went there alone cos no one I knew wanted to go. but i met some vj people there, like SC pres alvin lim, jasmine, david, both from SC, and vincent. had a little chat with david and the rest on the ride home. at least I had some company =p

parousia was good, though they seemed to perform less than the other bands. whenn they sang their album title song, which they also sang an acoustic version at musicfest, I didn’t know “exchange” was so rock! hah. it was very cool, lloyd has a great voice and jeff plays and sings very very well. it ended slightly before 11pm. there was some autograph session. I bought their CD and let them sign…hee.

today had auditions for YM’s youth glamour nite…hmm sang “till I see you” and “love song for a saviour” with louis haha then steph said to do the latter one only. did a band with jere and the rest. hmm…later jon and biondi also wanted to join us with love song.

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