Glamour Youth Night 2005

yesterday was YM’s Youth ‘Glamour’ Nite 2005…our first ever talent-time-like event

I think louis and I are the only two people who performed twice…haha…cos we played for Jere’s band “New Talentz”, and I was helpin’ them on the keyboard, while louis was on drums etc. we did “Holy is the Lord” by Chris Tomlin…

there were other performances, such as sarah chan’s, bryan’s great singing, tanat’s “words”, the Js & K band’s cantonese song, sharon’s and deborah’s song, and of course the 3 commandos which beat all the bands with their acoustic medley of songs…too bad elisha couldn’t make it as he was supposed to be the comedian for the night with his russell peter jokes

yt, mf, jr, kx, kc and his 2 friends came…thanks for coming! it was great

and so, my performance was the last one with louis and jonathan, we sang “Love Song For A Saviour” by Jars of Clay…me and louis played guitar while me and jonathan sang. went quite well except that I forgot one line of lyrics. jon sang well. and last minute, he decided to do some entertaining funny actions to the verse of the song after we ended…lol…he like thought of it earlier in the evening, and everyone was laughing during the rehearsal when he demo-ed it. haha..everyone laughed again. it was so comical…in OPEN FIELDS of WILD FLOWERS! haha…

after the voting, sarah and the 3 commandos emerged as winners for the solo and group category respectively…they each got a STAR. haha.

eddy said he didn’t know I could play guitar. neither did some of my friends. heh. mission accomplished =p

oh and not forgetting the “door gift”, steph went to print the pix she took of everyone during the cocktail earlier. it was done during the performances itself and they sorted them out before giving everyone their photos. cool. great idea.

thanks for everyone’s support and thank to the organising committee!

Today is Labour Day. Today is the consecration of our New Senior Pastor. There ceremony went well, and Ps Benny Ho gave an interesting word about vision and handing over. oh ya, I think they ordered too much food =p.

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