haha monday evening I was too bored that I decided to do something which I’ve been thinking of doing…a “victorillabong” – a billabong-style design just that swap the “billabong” word with “victoria”, using the font used in the jotterbook. went to look for other nice fonts too but most not as nice as steve’s handwriting. spent abt 2-3 hours creating and tweaking the thing…the result was quite cool, though the colour combination and some parts are not perfect yet. brushes are wonderful instruments =p the response from the people I sent it were quite good…I was like mass sending it to people on my msn list lol. I liked it alot myself, it really looks very cool. I even printed it out and put it on the front of my file. heh. some said should put this on pencil boxes, shirts, wallets, bags and sell some victoria merchandise…sure people buy….hahhaa…


yesterday received my econs test essay…i failed it, which means i failed for the whole test cos I failed MCQ also… -__-
my tutor said I performed below expectation (duh, I take S paper, how ironic >

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