I have a dream

I have a dream of studying in Australia (somehow I’ve ruled out other places such as US/UK), studying in University of New South Wales, Syndey, in a 3-year media/design/computer related course. and of course also being able to attend Hillsong. and also best thing is christopher devan will be there too.

Imagine being able to live 3 years independently and away from home, in a country unknown yet renown, and escape from the education system here and experience a different environment. wow.

But well it’s just a dream.
I won’t be able to afford the high price of studying overseas.

Unless of course I get a scholarship from some organisation or Govt Ministry, such as the Media Education Scheme.
But that’s another story.

But Mr. Ho say should have a something that you want in mind and then work for it. one should not have the attitude of “if the scholarship comes, then good lor, if it doesn’t, then nevermind.” but rather “I will work hard for it to come”, if not, one would surely not get it.
(btw mr ho said I’m cynical and against hypocrisy. O.o)

Then again, that’s another story.

What is my story?
Trying to find a motivation to study first.

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