it’s more than houses, it’s about giving them hope.

today had napfa test…was quite nervous before it
sit up was ok, sit and reach was ok, shutter run was surprisingly A, standing board jump i somehow slipped and hit my butt on the floor twice and failed with 186 later, pull up my hands got stiff and did half instead of normal at best 2 or so (luckily mr seet took mine for this, mr tan was busy talking with someone else if not I sure will get a lecture by him), running, i FINALLY passed with timing of 11:54! yay…my thursdays cross countries have paid off. though it was quite tiringly almost-hope-gone at the end but I managed to pull it off. even my classmate noticed that I was running quite fast the last round.

and thanks to the ip web design course every tuesday, I can’t go for tabletennis finals match support, even though my class was excused for lessons to go. >.

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