book hunting

nothing much this weekend except that I went book hunting…for a proper A Level Computing textbook but to no avail. Saturday afternoon went Bras Basah with jon, (oh what the…the new National Library building looks more like some condo or office than a library…it’s so gigantic), checked out some stores which I never knew existed (seldom go there), saw some second hand books, including the outdated Understanding Computer Science, and some other stuff.

after that, went to the third place to check their service out. it was a very small congre, with like 20+ people, much less than YM. So the two of us are like very noticed. pastor alvin asked us who and where we’re from, and we joined the cosy cafe-like environment with chairs, sofas and tables while he preached. I wonder where else you can hear a sermon in such a cafe ambient environment! later on was worship, as experienced from parousia’s gig, the sound system was superb. as expected, it was only a small band with drums, 2 guitars, bass and a singer, but it was pretty awesome. and they even had fellowship over dinner at the place, along with pool and table soccer…how cool can it get? ahem, it’s a church.

well today after service went to borders and kino to try find the book, but still can’t find. (actually, quite duh, since when do such bookstores stock such academic books?) bought some things later. I suppose I’ve to make do with the outdated book, or perhaps I can type out my own mini-textbook…hahah.

and had wanted to buy a new computer, but dad still didn’t allow. aiyo…my desktop is already 5 years old, overdue for an upgrade. my first computer also had a replacement in 5 years. so this second one should have the same right to be replaced too in the same amount of time right? haha. can’t wait for a proper fast com soon.

oh by the way friday went to watch Kingdom Of Heaven, which was quite interesting to me, considering that I don’t usually watch epi war movies so ya the war scenes were quite interesting esp the trebuchets. hah. and the plot was quite complicated but it was interesting to see how the crusades fight for almost disputable reasons, it was also an eye-opener to see scenes of the Holy Land

guitar ensemble concert on friday night was also not bad, especially the small group ones with vocalists, some are quite amusing. they sang songs such as angels and love song for a saviour, both which were good, and also superman and now and forever. the most interesting one was the encore performance, which obviously wasn’t impromptu, which they played “When You Believe” from the Prince of Egypt along with vocal accompaniment by two musicfest finalists, and yao guo on the piano. the interesting part was when the whole guitar ensemble stopped playing and sang out the whole Hebrew part! lol. it was good. like a choir. haha.

awaiting tuesday for choir’s at the esplanade…but too bad not many people would want to pay $20 for it. sigh. 😐 so none of my usual friends want to go, so going with marc perhaps.

and thus thanks to the book hnuting and other business, not much time left to do work and to clear the little bit left of icomp. handover’s this wednesday. got some files and admin stuff to do. seem to procastinating, I am…

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