Sometimes I wonder
I wonder if I truly have true friends

Friends whom I share interests
Friends who share interests with me

Friends whom I can trust
Friends who can trust me

Friends whom I can share troubles and burdens
Friends who share troubles and burdens with me

Friends whom I care for
Friends who care for me

Friends whom I won’t forget
Friends who won’t forsake me

Friends whom I yearn
Friends who last forever

Still at times I don’t feel belonged
Don’t feel belonged to any group

Sometimes there is just no sense of belonging
A feeling of being there yet not there

So near yet so far
So far yet so near

Why is it so difficult to wave and say a ‘hi’?
Why is it so difficult to interact and say goodbye?

Sometimes I wait for the other person to say ‘hello’
But it seems they refuse to do so
Thus I don’t say a word
And away from each other we walk

Sometimes I wish to say something
But in the end I say nothing
Sometimes I say a ‘hi’
But they dao me without saying goodbye

The more close friends are
The higher expectations they have
Which sometimes I wonder
Is ignorance really a bliss?

Or perhaps curiosity kills the cat
Knowing more is better than knowing less
But if that is so
What are friends for?

I know there’s a line to be drawn
Drawn between what’s private and public
Even I myself have such lines
Which some things are kept to myself

But sometimes I wonder
It seems that I don’t know my friends so well
Just that I really wonder
What is really a true friend?

Life is a Test
Life is a Trust
It is only a temporary assignment

For we do not belong to this world
We are designed for eternity
We always long for something better
Which perhaps cannot be achieved here on earth

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