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monday I had training by mr. gi. he made me to dips, half squats, sit ups, push ups, and knee-to-chest, and run one round, then repeat, then step ups, to train my pull ups. ah.
after that there was a soccer match going on, it’s quite interesting to see mr tan’s stressed look, shouting at the soccer players. of course we won again.


mr. cook’s lessons are getting more entertaining, now that he’s lecturing me for normal econs, i have two of his lectures on thursdays. hah. quotable quote:
“I want to show you the powerpoint presentation. this is the powerpoint presentation (waving the floppy diskette in his hand). Yes thanks to the computer which can’t boot, showing white text on black background, and brought to you by the same people who brought to you the aircon, which obviously isn’t working”
“Oh wake up please (then he shifted the fan and pointed at the person who was dozing off). See, teacher sacrificing for the good of the students. (Then he walked to the other side of the LT and stood in front of another fan).” haha

And thus, he continues with the next 3 lectures, his style, S paper style…no ppt, use blackboard and his mouth. haha and of course, his long story examples.

And something amsuing and somewhat embarrassing happened today. I placed by water bottle on the floor, but somehow, didn’t put it properly, and it fell and rolled down the steps of the stairs, and continue rowing down 5 levels before it reached the last step and it stopped before reaching the floor. Mr Cook saw it, and decided to use his leg and push the bottle to the last step down the floor. LOL.

Of course, it’d be too troublesome for me to go down and retrieve the bottle in the middle of the lecture, so I decided to take it later.

Then later in the lecture, Mr Cook decided to take a short break. He was drinking his tea, and asked if the owner wants to raise his hand so that he can throw the bottle to the person. “Or is it too embarassing?” haha. duh. So I decided to come down and take the bottle from him, but he threw to me at a distance from the steps. I caught the bottle, but I SLIPPED and fell and hit my butt on the steps. LOL. Then Mr Cook commented, “Oh dear, tomorrow’s straits times headlines: economics teacher injures student during lecture…” LOL. Well actually I just stood up quickly and went back to my seat. It was embarrassing enough.


Tuesday night went choir concert with renfu. can’t find other people to go with. everyone’s reluctant due to the high price. esplanade leh. haha. I think I’m more attracted by esplanade. lol. but anyway, the concert hall was pretty cool, with a super high ceiling and lots of architectural art with the reflectors, chambers, pipe organ, seat arrangement, and giant doors near the ceiling that open to nowhere. the acoustics were great, heard from shawn that during rehearsal they can hear their last chord reverb across the whole hall. personally, I’m proud of this local world class landmark. it’s something like what opera house is to syndey, is what esplanade is to singapore. or perhaps even more. me and renfu sat at the circle 1 (level 2), just above the VIP box on the left.

back to about the choir concert…was pretty good, probably my first time hear choir sing. never really heard them before. they sang lots of foreign high class cheem songs. I wished there were more songs that appeal to the audience, or even small group acappellas for a varied programme. but don’t have. other than the teresa tang (deng li jun) chinese songs part which most people identified with, the rest of the songs were latin, hebrew, indonesian or other languages. but it was quite interesting that the choir changed clothes 3 times…from normal formal wear, to traditional, to chinese (renfu was saying, why would chinese have a all-black suit!? lol). the victoria chorale (choir alumni) was quite interesting too, and at the end they invited all seniors to sing the choir anthem “no man is an island” together.
aiya, why no victorian anthem. guess they don’t give a darn. frankly, if all cultural groups have the spirit, they sure should do their version of the victorian anthem.

on the whole, it got a litte bit boring along the way, especially renfu who was rumbling to himself. haha. but not too bad lah, with the chinese songs at the end.

maybe VJC should start to have a combined concert event, featuring ALL the different cultural groups in one concert. I’m sure that this would be more popular and will attract more people as different types of music are involved. And they can even combine them, for e.g. band play some music while choir sing along with the music. It’d be more unique and cool. heh. then truly, it’s “Victoria in Harmony”.


Yesterday, Wednesday, was iCOMP Handover. FINALLY! haha. was delayed 3 weeks due to many events such as quizes and stuff being held. and despite that, I didn’t have time to do the video/presentation that I want to do! I was busy doing some other things (Somehow, as usual), and was preparing the little cards and photo frame for them a few days before. hence was too occupied to do anything. heck, wasn’t even doing my tutorials, math tutor finished the whole of continuous random variable and I haven’t touched a single question of it! sigh.

wished had more time (actually I HAD lots of time due to the delay), but in the end, due to choir concert on the night before, I only had the day itself to do it! super last minute! besides I’ve to hand in my maths assignment. So I was like only beginning to articulate it at 1.30pm when the handover supposed to start at 2.30pm! luckily I asked ivan to do this year’s photos beforehand. In the end, I only managed to put in all the photos of last year, combined with ivan’s photo-video of this year, in a slide show along with some yt’s kx-“tribute”. haha. so it started with star wars, kx’s “lightsaber” and “tribute”, what happened last year, what happened this year etc. didn’t really rehearse, but my clicking of the ppt sync-ed well with the music playing in the background. coincidence. hah. I hope everyone enjoyed the recap of memories. too bad I couldn’t do a better one. but guessed it was good enough.

later was my speech, which was impromptu, wished could have said more. I presented my gifts. then later was the handover. the new exco gave us each a (“dog”)-tag enclosed in a tape box. and I handed over with a mini-tower of CD-cases. and we took some group pictures in front of the blue screen and thus it ended pretty quickly.

on the whole, I didn’t really feel quite sad, except a little when making the speech, perhaps it was because I’d still be around in VJ, just that with less responsibilities, so it wasn’t really that saddening yet. hope the new exco can continue the legacy we established. hah.

the year 2s left while I stayed to attend mrs ting’s lesson on film.
that’s about all. just surprised that the other year 2s actually went for a meal at pp and spent the next 2 hours or so there while I was attending mrs ting’s lesson. aiyo haha.


recently, we got back out 16pf personality test results, the one which supposed to cost $50 and sent to the US for report production etc. It was quite accurate, very detailed description of us, our lifestyle, leadership and career styles etc. Most of it is quite true for me…I was smiling when I read through it. It says I got more stress than usual now, cos I’m “having some trouble accomplishing what I expect of myself in my personal life and career”. Well, perhaps so. I’ve not reached my Indifference Curve aka satisfaction yet.

I’m just quite disappointed at the careers part which was quite shallow for mine. Other people’s got a longer list. Mine only a short list of things like data management, woodworking, writing and lastly, architect, which is exactly what my childhood dream was. lol.


hmm mx’s starting a business at up soon…interesting eh

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