holidays – my young’s brownies!

hmm today’s the third day of the holidays…monday I was packing my stuff and filing papers, tuesday went to school to do some video stuff, today was an interesting day

morning I went marketing with my mum (who else still goes marketing with mum at 18 years old? well, I do), and I decided to try out mr young’s brownies recipe from the jotterbook today, so off we went and buy the baking ingredients, from a speciality provision shop, Phoon Huat, though can’t find the “sweet ground cocoa”, hence we just bought normal cocoa powder.

after coming home, after helping my mum to vacuum the house (who else helps in household chores? well, I do,…but not really that often…lazy colin…), and when my mum was free in the afternoon, we decided to start baking brownies. It was quite interesting, first time for both of us, hence we were quite clueless if the things we doing according to the recipe’s steps were correct. nevertheless, I continued and stirred the interesting mixture which soon turned into dark brown chocolate, and adding some chips and walnuts, it really look like chocolate. it tasted sweet. after pouring the mixture into a pan, we baked it in the oven for about 25 minutes. The whole process took about an hour including preparation.

Ah, it’s done, the whole kitchen and house is filled with the smell of chocolate! lol. it was very cool. dark brown hot cake in the pan…one bite…wow very nice. haha. usual brownies taste, very sweet, (my mum didn’t like cos it’s TOO sweet for her), but nevertheless it was good! hahaha…yay success! next time I shall try doing it again….

after that, we decicded to visit the polyclinic cos there’s some minor fungal infection on my feet which refuses to go off after so long, after 2 previous visits to the doctor. the doctor gave anti-septic wash and anti-fungal cream.

I then went swimming which was just opposite the polyclinic. I realised that I haven’t swam for a LONG time, the stamina I had last time was gone. I hope to try exercising regularly this holidays…including running and other stuff to train for my napfa…

PC Show tomorrow…

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