Imagine: Fancy a MP3 Vending Machine?

You are a typical teenager who loves music. One day, you decide to buy some music which you heard on radio to support the band. You don’t have a credit card and hence you can’t buy and download songs online.

You walk into HMV or CD Rama or Borders or some other CD shop, you see some songs/CDs that you like. You scan the CD’s barcode to a “vending machine” of sorts, and it allows you to play/preview the specific track that you like.

After that, you decide to buy one specific track. You pop in a $1 coin, and then you plug in your MP3 player/thumbdrive/iPod/Zen/etc. into the USB port of the vending machine. Voila! You got the mp3 in your player almost instantly, and legally. No hassle, no fuss about credit card security issues. Just a simple $1 coin and a vending machine.

Imagine these vending machines all over the place. Giving music lovers the convenience of downloading music without accessing the Internet/computer. Now even someone who wishes not to access a computer frequently can keep up by downloading songs from vending machines.

Imagine if in future, technology has improved and portable video players (PVP) has gained in popularity. And imagining downloading your favourite films and movies in the same way from those vending machines.

Imagine, if you can create your own film and let people pay to watch your film through the vending machine.

Imagine, if you take a wonderful photo and let people pay to download the photo for their personal use/enjoyment through the vending machine.

Imagine, the possibilities are endless.