Week.Weak.Strong. & the longest school day ever.

It’s been a week! so fast…I still remember it was only like yesterday, but it was last friday ashish and I were meeting mr ho, and there was FOP etc. and now it’s another friday. wow. half of this week felt like a holiday week due to the various public holidays and half day and my medical checkup day and now it’s end of the week already. sigh. realised that I’ve not done anything much. hais. 4 more weeks to the actual prelim papers excluding GP…nvm. I shall try to look more into the future and stop lamenting about the past.

well today was also the longest school day ever. cos there were 6 periods of physics (1 tut + 2 lect + 3 R), and I’ve to attend econs S today cos I didn’t go yesterday. And today was a special longer session cos mr cook had quite a lot to cover, and it lasted till 6.40 PM!! We started a little before 4pm…so that’s almost a 3-hour lesson, with a half-time in between. lol.

“Are you disappointed
With the world and all around?
Turn your eyes from earth to heaven,
Where true joys may all be found.

Once we’ve feasted on the goodness of God, nothing else will satisfy.”

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