My heart is NOT on the right side

After so much fuss, today I had the ultrasound scan at Alexandra Hospital. The nurse used the machine to scan the left side of my chest (just like how they scan pregnant women), and she found the heart there. And after scanning for my lungs and my liver to be in the normal position, the doctor confirmed that my heart is normal, no dextrocardia, nothing! They re-did the ECG to confirm.

Well, and thus the final verdict is that I’m normal, except that there’re lack of mucles on the left side of my chest (which is perhaps why my heart is pushed a bit to the centre/right), and perhaps I don’t need to carry heavy armour. That’s all.

Aiyo, after so much trouble, normal. How interesting. Actually, where the heart is can be felt just by feeling. I realised that it’s quite simple – just feel where the beating is concentrated at, isn’t it?

Nevertheless, I am unique. Everyone is.