What happens when a principal didn’t walk the 2nd floor of a classroom block for 8 months?

She requested the banner covering the windows of V26 aka iCOMP room to be removed. One reason was they’re ugly (ok I admit so, they were painted by previous batches; I just used them else they’d be lying in the cupboard rotting anyway), another reason was that who knows what we are doing inside.

In the first place, most other CCA rooms also no windows right? Not that there are a lot of CCA rooms in VJC, but look at SC room, ODAC room, choir room etc., they either have their windows shut all the time, or they have no windows and only one or two doors.

Obviously, the main reason for putting up the banners was for privacy. Teachers, I’m sure you won’t want the staff room to be full glass from top to bottom right? (then everyone driving past VJC can see hardworking staff..lol) Same for us, we don’t want people to keep walking past and peeping at our computers, cos we used to enjoy the same privacy back in L25/26.

Anyway now that they are down, the room suddenly seemed so transparent and bright. lol. And the interesting part is, the banners have been there for about 8 months.

Well Mr. Yeo promised curtains. We’ll see.