college day

i decided to go VS and visit the NEWDC Prize Giving first, since I had some time to spare. I reached there at 12+pm and they were having their refreshments. Went straight to the auditorium, didn’t see anyone familiar except mrs foo. haha said hi and exchanged some updates. called derick and found out that he’s actually near the stage. went downstairs, saw mr. you and we shook hands. saw mr edmund goh too. yongfeng and ivan were in the conference room with the judges haha. in fact, yongfeng is a judge himself. lol.

well it took some time before the programme continued. they screened an it club promotional video, which is not bad for a first. interesting. i also found out that the school produced flags for every cca and placed it in the sides of the auditorium. quite cool. there were some hiccups in the prize presentation, but nevertheless, it feels good to be back in VS after soo loong. as mr. you says, he always appreciates when ex-IT Club chairmans come back during competitions and camps.

Next stop, vjc. deja vu as I stepped into the gate, and straight into LT4 (oops I almost forgot where it was). Was a bit early and people only started streaming in. saw joshua chao, alvin, desmond, venkat, weixiang, ashish, prab and a various others. a mini reunion with familiar faces, though not all are very familiar. we sooned moved to the PT and the thing started. mrs chan report was pretty impressive, and then they launched the H3 NAV programme, which was quite interesting, along with an infocomm club introductory video. marcus and i exchanged laughs when mun thye was being interviewed, for he’s an A*STAR scholar. saw jeffrey my work attachment friend, and I was sitting near the house capts, lihui, yong sheng they all.

after I received my service award for icomp, which is essentially a cert and a plaque, the concert began. choir performed 2 pieces which almost seemed like a musical with the drama and all. quite funny. then there was a collaboration piece with CO drums, malay cultural drums and indian cultural drums. innovative. and then it ended with band and of course, the victorian anthem, which I have not sang for months. feels nostalgic to probably sing it for the last time till who knows when.

during the refreshments, I chat with a few teachers including mr. tang, mr domch, mrs chuah etc. then went out with ashish, jin, kenny and colin wee and we played dota!! haha my 3rd time playing and it was quite fun. finally i get to meet and play with my classmates after so long. in fact, I have not met many of my classmates since november! hais…also, yeow may and shu left for melbourne recently. till then…..

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