Pissed off, messed, lonely, wondering…of kids and computers

I cut my finger on tuesday…was closing the metal toolbox cover when I accidentally let go of it and it slammed down and brushed through my other (right) hand index finger. ouch. lots of blood, thereafter the lousy cheapskate plaster from the first aid box. then somehow after handing over of shift, we had orders from above to clean drains…yes, drains. underpaid (free) labour. thanks to dengue. luckily for my finger I went to shred paper instead. and because of that, we worked for 12 hours that day. not the first time. absolutely inhumane. I wonder what kind of life they (cause themselves to) lead.

good thing was that the kind doctor at outram polyclinic granted me 2 days MC to escape and catch up on my much need sleep accumulation.

luckily they finally got a contractor to clear the drains this weekend.
so much for an audit.
Is getting best that important? Of course it is, it sounds nice mah. But do you sacrifice your face with your character? It’s the same as outward beauty versus inward beauty.
Something I learnt so far: If I become a boss/manager somewhere in future, I will never run my company like that.


Kids nowadays, and I mean primary school kids, are indeed in a different generation from us. When we were in primary school, since when does any of us own handphones? And youtube didn’t exist. Looking at my younger cousins, they know search for (and not so healthy) (but yet funny) videos online (which I’d rate NC13 due to the vulgarities involved). And they know how to download, compress and transfer to their mobile phones and send to one another through bluetooth. they can even memorise certain racist jokes in the video. amazing. yet frightening. what would become of OUR children?


Recently in the past few months, I’ve been shopping and exploring certain areas of town…such as Far East, Pacific Plaza, Wisma, Heeren, Bugis Junction, Bugis Village, Marina Square etc. Been to some shops/places which I’ve never ventured before, and got to know some interesting shops. of course I don’t have the money to buy everything. and also, I’ve been more conscious of my own fashion sense (which I realise, suck to a certain extent in the past).

The GST offset came in timely, though came along the GST increase. GSS is over but some places are still having sales. they never end, it’s just a marketing gimmick. sometimes when shopping, you look at something you like but you think about it for very long and take a long time to decide whether to part with your money. then you decide to come another day to take a look at it, but sometimes, it’s gone, or it’s not as cheap anymore, then you regret. Or sometimes, you are too lazy to come again and you regret not buying at that point of time. lol.

I think I missed out a lot in my teenage days…the hanging out with friends, watching movies, bumming around, wearing youthful clothes etc. Guessed I was too absorbed with whatever I was doing, and was not treasuring my friends enough.

But now I know, and I’m catching up, I hope.

It’s kinda sad to walk around town alone, and then you see everyone else walking with their bunch of friends and/or boy/girlfriends. It’s even sadder when the group of friends you used to walk around town with, doesn’t do so with you anymore. Sometimes, it’s not about the shopping, but about your friends.


I think I mentioned this before, I hate it when too many people ask me too many favours regarding computer stuff. It’s not that I’m not being helpful, but it gets quite tiring and irritating to answer every single favour that people ask.


He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep, to gain that which he cannot lose.

Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy, and where thieves break in and steal. But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where moth and rust do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal.

2 thoughts on “Pissed off, messed, lonely, wondering…of kids and computers”

  1. Something I learnt so far: If I become a boss/manager somewhere in future, I will never run my company like that.

    I totally totally agree. Nor would I want to become like that person.

  2. well trying to be the best is what motivates the ppl….and it is real out here…in the real world….every company is oso trying to be the best….if not there would not be those ISO, OSH, PD, SuperBrand…etc…..

    it is always easy to say than to do it……..but you can always try…..

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