YaY! I passed my driving test!!

I actually rolled down the slope! lol. cos supposed to keep left, but there was a slot on the right, and the tester asked me to go right. I went right, but stop before the stop line. So when I wanted to go up again, the car rolled down. I quickly reacted and pulled the handbrake and mumbled a sorry. lol. then i stop at stop line and re-did it again, this time properly By God’s grace, it was <1m so wasn't an immediate failure. I was very lucky that the tester chose crank course #27 instead of #26 which is the more difficult one. I heaved a sigh of relief when I finally finished the circuit. luckily never knocked down any poles or mount kerb. haha. The route was pretty ok. but somehow he tick a lot of other things, what sharp turning, insufficient acceleration, speed too slow....add to 16 pts. phew! Thank God. it was also raining during my practice time, but it stopped raining during the actual test. now I wish I have a car to reduce my travelling times to camp…

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