Canon Photo Marathon

Last saturday, I joined the canon photo marathon. managed to borrow a dSLR from a friend and I went around with cedric. wow. so many people. about 1000 participants. tough competition sia. very messy and long queues everytime.

the first theme was passion, and we walked around and saw some company cohesion. thought we could stick with them. then we decided to explore the esplanade, merlion area and see got any shots. not many. tho got the same company people playing games. then decided to walk to lau pa sat and chinatown and see got anybody cooking good food and can take photo. in chinatown, got so many participants at every corner! everyone like think of similar things. last stop was at maxell food centre, where there’s really good food and got my photo from there, tho it’s not really that fantastic.

second theme was challenge. why the themes so open-ended?? decided to ‘challenge’ ourselves at the mind cafe at prinsep street. apparently another pair thought of the same idea and they were there too. it’s quite quiet at 1pm on a saturday afternoon, with only 2 tables. the kind waiters allowed us to borrow their jenga set without paying, and we engaged the help of one group of friends to pose for us. haha. so funny. i think it’s one of my best (posed) shot. dSLR quite fun, can play with aperture and depth of field to create the blurry background effect.

the last theme was playtime, which was more specific. we decided to go to the heartlands and see if got kids playing. went to toa payoh’s kiddy palace and took photos of kids playing with toys and slides. then went into the swimming complex, but kena chased out by the lifeguards, threatening to sue us. etc. lol. that was quite unexpected. but of course respect people’s privacy.

luckily we came back earlier than the specified time to beat the queue to upload the photos. but i think that it’s too tough to win. depends on your luck and whether you’re at the right place at the right time. don’t think I would join again. too many people already. maybe next time will trying the digital video one, perhaps more interesting.

guess what was the winning entry? someone opening a condom for the last theme. shake head.

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