4th Driving Exploring

Yesterday we went for our 4th driving exploring. after searching for some places to explore online, I decided that we could drive through rustic Seletar camp area and then through the straight notorious ‘race track’. Sure enough, there were many zhng-ed cars parked at the side, with Getz clubs, Mitsubishi clubs etc. Of course, there weren’t any cars racing (yet?).

After that we went to Upper Seletar Reservoir near Mandai Road, where the carpark was almost completely pitch dark, and just like the blog which I read, there were many scrupulous cars suspiciously covered with many newspapers on their windows. there was one which even covered its number plate lol. We climbed up the dark and spirally viewing tower and got a pretty good view of the whole reservoir, tho there wasn’t much to see beyond the trees. There were no stars either no thanks to the cloud skies.

Then we decided to go Prata House for supper at Thomson. Yes it’s my first time there, and their crispy circular plain prata is fabulous, and their mushroom cheese prata is delicious. the ice teh was very thick and good.

After supper, I drove to tuas to explore. After reaching the most western part of Singapore, the road went south, and it seemed never ending lol. It kept going southwards towards the reclaimed part of Tuas, and they sure did reclaim a lot! We saw the Tuas Incineration Plant and many other factories with huge tall ‘chimneys’. There was also a 6-lane road a la Lim Chu Kang road style which seems that it can be an emergency runway too. Interesting hmm…

We got stuck when the road ended and there was a road block with a police container guarding the entrance. wonder why they actually need police to block a construction site. After that we drove back, it was mostly empty fields, save for some factories scattered here and there. Huge container ships could be seen in a distance. We opened the windows and we smelled some stinky medicine-like smell. Probably from some factory.

We also drove past Tuas Naval Base, where there was a nice turret ‘guarding’ the entrance. Pit stop at a petrol station before proceeding to Clementi Woods Park, where there was no place to park! After which we decided to drive through NUS and then drive home.

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  1. what race track is that?? never heard of it before. Btw, ive never seen or heard of a getz racing…it’s like who would take a hyundai to race???

    and what carpark is that? lol why do they put newspaper?

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