I had steamboat for dinner for the past two days! haha.

monday jin invited some of us to his house – ashish, colin wee, kx. we bought some additional food at ntuc before walking over to his house…a cosy four room flat. his relatives were playing mahjong, and they were quite hospitable, with the food and pot already prepared for us. we had a great time catching up with one another along with the food although it was not exactly a class thing and there’s only so few of us. after dinner we played texas hold ’em poker with simulated money. my first time playing this kind of card game, which is quite interesting.

tuesday yt, her bf, vic, kc, zhan, jr, merle and josh and I met for steamboat dinner at bugis. we originally wanted to meet earlier at 6pm but cos everyone worked till later than that, including myself, so we met slightly later. we walked down liang seah st to the famous steamboat place. we had two pots with 4 flavours: 2 chicken, 1 tom yam, and one of their famous mah la, which is super hot and spicy chilli based soup. It was even spicer than tom yam and I couldn’t take it cos it creates the choking effect. The spread was quite good with free flow of lime juice or water chestnut. there’s the usual steamboat stuff, and lotsa of weird seafood, some meat, fish, noodles and dumplings. just that the price was a bit steep – $18. the place was quite squeezy and warm too.

after dinner we went to a cafe called food for thought which is a christian-based (I think) cafe along north bridge road opp the national library. they donate 10% of their profits to charitable causes. it’s quite a nice cosy place with some nice food, tho the aircon wasn’t working well at that time. should visit there again next time to eat the main courses.

i’ve ate so much over the cny, think i’m getting fat. lol.

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