Back To School: nus1101

First three weeks into university life, the ‘stress’ is starting to build up.

Initially, as there were no tutorials in the first two weeks, it was still quite slack. But now that tutorials have started, there’s peer pressure and stress from other people to work hard. Everyone’s like mugging somewhere or sometime. It’s quite scary, especially with all the foreign talent stealing our spaces and opportunities. It is very evident especially during tutorial classes when there are class participation marks involved. It seems like Singaporeans are less willing to answer questions and speak up.

So far, the most interesting lecture is the Marketing lecture. The lecturer is very interactive and engaging, and the advertisement videos show during the lecture are quite funny and interesting too. Second best is of course Film Art, in which finally I get to learn what I like to learn. Unfortunately, it’s slightly daunting because it is a literature-based module, and during tutorial class the artsy people will use bombastic literary words to describe. The interesting thing is, out of a class of 20+ people, there’s only 4 guys. lol. Discrete Structures are still fine, it’s maths and logic. My maths is pretty rusty, hope I can survive. Programming is not too bad, learning everything all over again in Java. Economics lecture is boring everyday. It’s not that I already know what’s it about, but the lecturer is really boring. Fortunately I can read my old JC notes. There are group projects coming up for Marketing, and need to continue doing tutorials!

Food is generally around arts and business, with the occassional stint at engin or elsewhere. The central forum is always abuzz, the library is always filled with people studying. Went to timbre musicfest last wednesday at UCC, it was not bad, although the music is very blues and a bit loud.

So far, I’ve attended two sessions of nuSTUDIOS film school, which was too crowded in my opinion. Too many people trying to learn with not much interest of staying for the long term. I also went for a Life Meeting of Campus Crusade, which was quite interesting.

University is like a mini-reunion, where you meet your old friends from secondary school and JC. Many hi-byes and with no fixed class, it’s quite difficult to make longer-lasting friends. Treasure your moments.

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