RSAF Open House

To every engine, I give the breath of life.
To every control, I give my strength.
To every wing, I give the gift of flight.
I am (was) a senior technician.

I am here for a higher purpose.

I am (was) the wind.

Today my batch and I went to the RSAF Open House…because we miss the air force? lol. We went early for the aerial display, and then went to disturb our former colleagues, warrant officers, specs and NSF, in the crew room haha. Chat with some of them for quite some time, and then we went around the static display and poke around the aircraft and pretend that we don’t know anything. We took photos with the Black Knight pilots, the crew chiefs and of course ourselves with the planes. We were crew chiefs anyway. It was kind of sad that one of the pilots did not really recognise all of us. It shows how much that we are just men.

It was quite fun to talk with some of them again. It seems like we seem to appreciate our job more now that we are not doing it anymore, and we feel more pride. While many flocked to queue up to enter the cockpit, we thought that we entered until we don’t want to enter it already. While many took photos of the exhaust as if they never seen it before, we climbed into it day after day, after day. We feel that we have been there, done that.

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